We install snow retention systems on roofs in the Twain Harte/Sonora area
Warren Roofing Snow Retention Installation
Warren Roofing Snow Retention Installation

When choosing the right snow retention system for your home or cabin we take into account all variables including pitch, snow load, material/fasteners and the substrate utilized. We also inspect the existing roofing to make sure that it was installed properly and to manufacturer/trade/local building laws and specifications before installing any snow retention system on it.

Warren Roofing has partnered with S-5! Metal Roofing, the industry leader in Metal Roofing Attachments to provide you with the best snow retention system on the market.

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As the undisputed market leader in snow retention systems (or snow guard), S-5! offers the most complete, proven and thoroughly tested products in the industry, including ColorGard®, DualGard™, VersaGard™ and multiple exposed fastener metal roofs.

When snow accumulations begin to melt, the result can be catastrophic as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof dumping tons of snow onto anything in its path. It can damage landscape, gutters, adjacent roofs, vehicles and cause injury or death to passers-by. All of S-5!’s snow retention systems dramatically reduce these risks associated with rooftop avalanches while maintaining the clean lines of the roof. 

Because metal is such a versatile, robust material to work with, it’s no wonder that we see it stabilizing itself as a standard in the industry. That’s where S-5! comes in: They stay on top of the trends in the metal industry to provide the right products to fit virtually any metal roof profile. They have developed clamps and brackets to support solar and utility installations, along with a top-of-the-line snow retention system, also known as snow guard systems, to support and protect your metal roof investment.

Why keep snow on the roof?

When snow avalanches off of a rooftop, it can damage anything in its path! This sudden release of snow can be dramatic—dumping tons of snow all at once. Falling snow forms a temperature-sensitive bond to the surface of a metal roof. As that roof is warmed, whether from the sun or from building heat loss, the bond with the snow is broken and a thin film of melt water serves to lubricate the roof. This can have dramatic results as a several-ton blanket of snow suddenly slides off the roof and avalanches down upon anything in its path: gutters, vehicles, landscape, even people. Once piled up below, that same snowbank can go on to cause additional troubles, like direct damage to the building walls, or even indirect damage caused by funneling melt water into, rather than away from, the wall. This is what makes snow retention devices desirable: they hold the snow back and allow it to leave the roof slowly, either in small amounts of snow or as melt water, avoiding the dual calamity of the avalanche.

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