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We’re proud to offer Royalite Skylight Manufacturing

With over 75 years of experience, locally owned Warren Roofing has been installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial skylights. Skylights are amazing to enjoy no matter what time of day it is. Be assured you are working with reliable contractors who respect your home as much as you do.

Our staff of professional engineers, architects, building technologists, and registered waterproofing consultants have extensive assessment and design experience in all major types of skylight assemblies including, structural, drop-in, ventilated, and smoke release types.

There are several different types of skylights to consider.

Architectural Skylights


Custom Multi-lite options for residential and commercial applications. COPPER SKYLIGHTS: Are available in 32 o.z. solid copper construction for single lite skylights. Multi-lite skylights are fabricated in all sizes and configurations with exterior copper cladding and can be made with all glazing options.

Multi-Lite Single Pitch Skylight

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These skylights are generally curbed around the entire perimeter and may be on flat or sloped roofs. The curbs may be standard 2 x or 4 x material roofed and flashed. Curb size is determined by skylight size and structural requirements. Curbs may be perpendicular to the roof or plumb to the ground. In steep pitched conditions or beyond a four in twelve pitch the plumb curb is desirable.

Multi-Lite Leanto Skylight

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These skylights are attached and are flashed to a vertical wall at the head and may be curbed on two or three sides or may be jambed at an adjacent wall. The head typically fastens to or may sit on a ledger and counter flashing is provided by the contractor. Structural supports are required around the perimeter regardless of the attachment conditions.

Multi-Lite Ridge Skylight

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These types of skylights are applicable to conditions where the skylight continues in the same plane as the roof pitch and the ridge of the skylight follows the line of the ridge of the roof. They can also be mounted on curbs on flat roofs with a variety of skylight pitch options and glazed vertical ends. Both types of skylights can also be attached to adjacent vertical walls at either or both ends. Skylight pitch is generally determined by other architectural conditions or aesthetic requirements.

Pyramid Skylight

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These types of skylights are typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs. The skylights are available with a variety of slope or pitch options. The skylight takes a pyramid shape over a square opening and is identified as a Double-Hip over a rectangular opening. Rafter placement and glass size are determined by the geometry created by the combination of the relationships between sides and the desired slope. Multi-sided pyramids are available over six or eight sided openings as well as over irregular multi-sided opening in all sorts of configurations. Skylight pitch is generally determined by other architectural conditions or aesthetic requirements.


Solarium Sunroom 1 300x225

A solarium or sunroom is defined as a room with a glass roof but we choose to define ours as one where the walls are also made of glass. Our solariums can have glass walls on one, two or all three sides in addition to the glass roof. The structure mounts on a perimeter curb and attaches and flashes to the house at the top and the two sides. The Royalite frame supports the glass. This is an attractive way to open your house to the outdoors without being subjected to the vagaries of the climate.

Barrel Vault Skylight

Barrel Vault Skylight 1 300x225

These types of skylights work well to open up hallways and corridors. They offer vaulted transparent or translucent space above and a range of arched rafters from low vaults to hemispherical skylights with glazed vertical ends. They cover building-connecting walkways and can attach to vertical walls at either or both ends. Vault radius is generally determined by other architectural conditions or aesthetic requirements.

Canopy Skylight

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A canopy is defined as a roof-like structure or cover. Our canopies generally cover entryways, walkways or outdoor areas without perimeter walls. A wood or steel framework provides the structure and the Royalite frame supports the glass, acrylic or polycarbonate glazing. Always popular in shopping malls, hotels entries or over commercial entryways, the canopy has become a fashionable way to dress up homes where the front or back porch is uncovered.


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